Sunday, April 5, 2015

Poem #4 for April Poetry Month-Bengali Payar

Bengali Payar is a form which lends itself to oral presentation as it has two rhyming couplets within long lines which are halved yet again .
There are two 8 syllable lines with an internal structure of 4 and 4 beats, then a six syllable line with a 4 and 2 beat rhythm.
The six syllable lines rhyme with each other and the last line is a finale. These are fun! The soaked flowers are Lily of the Nile or agapanthus, which follow hard on the heels of daffodils here on Lennard Island. I love their true blue colour and ability to withstand the vile weather of late!

Canadian Monsoon

Somebody wrote, Cruel April
   breaking records, hot cold
rolling thunder, lightning strikes too
   floods strand poor cows, mud mould...
But wait one day, or week or month
   April snickers, you’ll see
patience rewards, remember this
   don’t plant too soon, think like a bee.


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  1. Very complicated poem scheme! Very good description of April!