Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Poem #21 for Poetry Month-Japanese Mondo

 The Japanese mondo is a short, question and answer form, perfect for days when there is a lot on one's plate and much to do. Why? Where? Who? How? When? What? Poetry meets journalism. But the answer can be as profound and poetic as you feel inspired to write otherwise the attempt will thud, dud.

Here, I realize I'd have to be seeing eagles' nests through the eyes of another bird, preferably another eagle otherwise I might end up as bones messily tossed over the side of the nest in question. We have an eagles' nest on the little island separated from Lennard Island by a narrow channel, an island we call Lesser Lennard. There is another nest, clearly visible with binoculars, on Frank Island less than a kilometre to the east.

We see them gliding above us in the strong winds which keep other birds grounded and we hear them chittering to each other with their surprisingly high-pitched voices. But I've yet to see an eagle sleeping. Hence this poem.

Sorry, no good eagle shots in my album for you. And of course, as soon as I typed that line, I heard the eagles, raced outside in my housecoat and compost-bin slip-on shoes and went down to the heli-pad to attempt photographs. At 6:30 a.m. 

The things I do for Art. Bear in mind the conditions and the fact that I'm strictly a point and shoot writer on the loose.

Eagle Mondo #1

Where do eagles sleep?
Free from prying eyes, they nest.

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