Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lighthouse Poems for the New Year

What Really Matters on a Rocky Island



Let's not plan a formal luncheon
Hotdogs & buns, just the ticket.
This is the fourth day of sunshine
& it’s January! Rejoice!

So let’s pile high the dry driftwood,
these twigs, those branches, that cedar.
Let’s make a strong hot fire, yes,
& for dessert, some clementines.

Let’s toast both eagles cuddled up
out on the reef towards Japan.
Another toast?
Yes, please.

winter sun
cedar smoke
eagle love
you & me
shining through

The Cautious Mussel-Pickers: Kouta I

This month has an “r” in it
so we venture forth;
rockbound quarry clings, silent.
We clutch plastic bags.

The Reluctant Diners: Kouta II

Vermouth? I suggest. With broth?
Thyme strewn across blue-black shells
(the steam alone makes us drool)
still, we hesitate...