Sunday, April 19, 2015

Poem #18 for Poetry Month-Rhyming Couplet by Seven Year Old Author

Whenever I work with elementary school students, I recite my first poem to them and ask them, straight-faced, if they can, please, do better. Some of them laugh with me (I grin quickly to relieve the tension of making fun of a grown-up and an invited guest at that) while others remain puzzled at the prospect of coming up with a catchier rhyming couplet. 

It does capture my subversive, even for a seven year old, point of view, or possibly a shrewd analysis of the fleeting nature of beauty or maybe just a Peace River farm kid's certain knowledge that there are at least forty words for snow already whirling around in her wee mind. Photo is of our pup, Molly Brown, who was experiencing her very first snow ever at a family Christmas reunion in the Okanagan.

Snow, snow, beautiful snow
Step on a lump and down you go



  1. I don't think I could have done as well at seven!

    1. I had a wonderful Welsh Dad who had a great sense of humour and who often joked and spoke to a running commentary on the world around us. Thank heavens for him!